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Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer To Do List (For New Teachers and Teachers Changing Grades) PART 3

This is the last instalment of my Teacher Summer To Do List.  If you missed the first two posts, please find them below.

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This section will outline the last 4 items on my Summer To Do List.


Now that I am moving up, I really need to think about incorporating more novels into my read alouds.  I have looked into different books for this grade level, and started to make a summer reading list.  It's really important to preview and read the texts yourself, prior to reading them to the class.  You never know if the topic might be too heavy, or if the vocabulary is inappropriate unless you screen it first.

I have downloaded the books to my iPad, and I'm just starting to get through them.  So far I have:

City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau
*Please let me know if you have any other suggestions! Comment Below!

Hopefully my sons will let me read these books before the summer is up!


The next item on my list revolves around what I want my program to look like.  In order to figure out what I want it to be, I need to be reflective, and ask questions about my students, my teaching styles and philosophy.  Here are some questions you can use to ask yourself to help you design your program:
- What are my teaching ideologies?
- How will I assess students?
- How will I address the needs of all students?
- How will I create a caring and safe environment?
- How will I incorporate inquiry and project based learning?
- How will I engage students?
- How will I set up groups and groupings?
- What kind of behaviour system do I want to have in place?
- How can I encourage positive behaviours? Decrease negative behaviours?
- How will I address inappropriate behaviours?
- How can I get my students to buy in and care about their work?
- What techniques can I use in my previous experience that will work with this age group?
- What techniques do I need to tweak?
- What techniques do I need to discontinue?
- How will I encourage positive social interactions among my students?

There is so much more to this profession than just teaching and learning.  You have to be reflective.  And you have to be willing to change based on the needs of your students.  I ask these questions on reflect on my practice ALL THE TIME.  Because what works for one class, may not work for the next.  And it is my job to meet the needs of all of those students.

Stay tuned to future posts so I can show you how I am addressing these questions! :)


The number 2 item on my list is thinking about and addressing the First Week Back to School. It is important to use that time to establish routines and to get to know your students.  I have put together this package to address both of these areas.  Click on the picture to find this item in my tpt store!


This is by far the most important item on my list, and it should be your number 1 item too!  Enjoy your summer.  Make memories with your friends and families. I know I will be spending lots of my time with my boys, playing in the park, going swimming at my sister's pool, visiting friends, and going on day trips.  And I will leave all this "other stuff" for nap and bedtimes.

You cannot be an effective teacher unless you have down time.  So take it... enjoy it! I know I will! ;)

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