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Friday, September 19, 2014

My New Blog

I'm super excited to have my new blog design launched today.  It's all thanks to
If you need a blog design, I highly recommend going with Ruby Slippers.  Very professional, and absolutely beautiful designs!
I've also linked up my twitter, tpt store, pinterest and facebook page to this blog.  If you don't already follow me, please do so!  I've launched my facebook page today too, and I've asked a question about inquiry based learning.
I've already shared with you an idea of how I use inquiry based learning.  I'd like you to share your ideas with me!  Like my facebook page and tell me how you use inquiry based learning in your classroom.  We are teachers, professionals with lots of knowledge.  If we can brainstorm together and share our wonderful expertise, it will give us more ideas to incorporate into our programming! :)
To celebrate the launch of my facebook page and new blog, I will be offering a FLASH FREEBIE from my tpt store!  Tomorrow, during a set period of time, I will offer my SUPER LEARNING SKILLS PACKAGE for FREE! Regular $13!!!! :)  All I ask is for you to become a tpt follower and/or facebook page follower.  I will notify my followers of the flash freebie time tomorrow through tpt email and my facebook page.  Once you downloaded, please rate it and give me feedback! You can check out this great product here:
Ontario Learning Skills SUPER PACKAGE!
I hope you have a goodnight, and please take advantage of my freebie tomorrow!

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