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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Terrific tpt product

I know I said I would do this Tuesdays, but I was a little back logged. So I'm doing it today.

My new products in my store all deal with the Ontario learning skills.  The learning skills are always in the beginning the report card, and let's the parents know what their child is like as a learner. They are: organization, independence, collaboration, self regulation, initiative and responsibility. These learning skills are really important in the report card, but are often hard to write and overlooked. So, I've made super hero themed learning skill products so that you can incorporate them more into your program.

I've used clip art from "the price of teachings" superhero kiddies clip art package.  As a tpt seller, I am in love with this clip art. It is super cute, and vibrant. Check out the tpt store Price of Teaching

This first product are signs of the 6 learning skills, with learning goals and success criteria. It's perfect to decorate your room and make the learning skills meaningful and present for your students.

The next product are self reflection sheets, where students can reflect on their individual learning skills, and provide themselves with a mark.

This next product is another student reflection product.  Students discuss what each learning skill means to them and develops a plan of action for how they can improve on that learning skill.

This product I am particularly proud of. It incorporates the learning skills, and has various text writing prompts. It's written in EQAO format,so it can help you incorporate the learning skills in meaningful writing tasks.

Here are teacher rubrics of the learning skills.  Great for assisting you in report card writing!

Finally, here is a FREEBIE in this line! They are bulletin board signs of the 6 learning skills.

Please check these out and let me know what you think! If there are any learning skill products you would like to have, and would like me to create in this line, commenting this post and I will try to make it ASAP!

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